Reclamation Nation's branded products will blend high quality design with the evolving concept of what it means to live, work, and play green.


We intend to optimize all facets of reclaimed and recycled material distribution including the ways the materials are incorporated into product designs, and custom and mass manufacturing, their distribution, sale, resale, and recycling, and finally, the best practices for their inevitable disposal.

Corporate Gifts

Reclamation Nation offers socially responsible and environmentally-friendly choices for corporate gift initiatives.


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Reclamation Nation revolves around leading edge design, high style, and the re-engineering of materials that others deem to be "waste".  Reclamation Nation is also about a mixture of high quality designs tailored to multiple markets, from retro to haute couture, from housewares to entire homes, from urban to rural settings, all developed or co-developed with green architects, designers, scientists, engineers, inventors, artisans, artists, students, public and private institutions, other nonprofits, foundations and corporations.

To provide a complete set of truly sustainable choices, some new components, including renewable and alternative energy devices, will be central to many of Reclamation Nation's product offerings and activities.