Green Building Inside and Out


True green building requires control of all elements of exterior and interior design. Reclamation Nation believes that green building design and practice should flow from core concepts based on strictly defined criteria for optimal healthy living.


With this focus in mind, Reclamation Nation understands that scalable building solutions, green or otherwise, will also require the latest technologies because state-of-the-art green building cannot be accomplished solely with reclaimed materials and the recycled artifacts of older consumer technologies.


Fortunately, by bringing many disciplines and the latest technical and scientific innovations to bear while mixing traditional and contemporary green building standards (e.g., LEED), Reclamation Nation maximizes material reuse through its customized interior and exterior designs; all made to order with the real-time flexibility to build quality residential spaces.  This process produces arguably more healthy green homes than are currently being built and advertised as state-of-the-art in green building.


Of course, we are just another contributor to this discussion, but Reclamation Nation's chief construction officer, David Bass, has come by his domain expertise through 20+ years of completed multimillion-dollar homes and green residential home renovations.


The genesis of Reclamation Nation's processes for maximizing the use of reclaimed building materials began in Founder & CEO, Kevin Riley's interior design studio.  His fully equipped design and fabrication shop was built from the ground up while working closely with David Bass and his team of LEED-certified contractors and crews on numerous green building projects.  These collaborations resulted in much of what are now Reclamation Nation's core green building principles.


Reclamation Nation's focus is on replicable building designs for large-scale projects ranging from green urban renewal to green gated communities, always with human health and energy self-sufficiency as primary concerns.


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